The Colors of Her Love

You come to me pink
Just when I think
You could not possibly
Be more gentle and beautiful~
You unveil the exquisite tenderness
Of Your Immaculate Heart

You come to me yellow
To calm and to mellow
The unsettledness and struggles
In my heart and mind
You soothe me with
The soft sunshine of Your Smile

You come to me red
When I have fled
For fear of my own
Vibrancy and vitality ~
You remind me that
To be a Mother is
Still to be a Woman;
That playfulness and passion
Must have their place

You come to me green
So often seen
In the lush, verdant landscape
Without and within~
You are ever birthing, ever growing,
Ever enlivening my soul, my heart, my world

You come to me gold
So brilliant and bold
Your Presence shimmers
Luminous; reflecting Divinity~
Radiating with glorious humility
What it means to be Most Highly Favored

You come black and white
In darkness and light
You lead me
In necessary descent
That I might gather
Lost treasure
From my depths~
You lift me to
Heights beyond hope,
Into the Certainty of
Infinite Unfailing Love

You come to me blue
Sweet Mother, so true
In sky, sea, and bluebells
In a far distant field ~
And in the eyes of
The One in Whom my capacity
For compassion is revealed

My Lady, My Love…

Your beauty before me
Your mantle about me
Your twelve stars above me
Your roses beneath me
Your grace and Your mercy
At my right and at my left
Your compassion behind me

May Life ever find me
Full of Your Colors
And following after Your Heart.

~Cheryl Anne, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Icon by Kim Vandapool

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