Beloved Shepherd
of my life and heart,
You call me to the comfort
of Your Gentle Company;
to rest quietly by Your Side
beneath the sheltering
of my Trusted Oak.

The earth supports
with softest grass,
as You support
with Softest Words
and Tender Smile;
luring me somehow
into laughter, as only
You can do…

You invite me closer;
to lean upon
Your Warm and Sacred Heart,
Where the rhythm of my own longing
falls easily in time with Yours…

For You, Beloved,
have longed for my freedom
from my soul’s first tentative spark.
You left Your delicate mark upon me
so I might always find my way Home.

Even in my darkest moments,
You have not left me alone,
but have sent me Tending Friends
from Heaven, and silken roses
of the Mother’s Love~

You have lifted me above
all the meaningless mines
and shallow snares,
that I might gaze into Your Eyes
and surrender my cares into
Your Safe and Perfect Keeping…

Dancing born of mourning;
Joy’s fountain sprung from weeping!

All in the Friendship
of my Loving Lord.

~Cheryl Anne
Eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart

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