Your Fullness

You, the One with Love enough
to make this mild morning
To rouse the birds, to wake the sun
and see to Earth’s adorning

With Love, You also set the course
of my frail heart’s direction
To walk the Way of Tenderness
toward Your promised perfection

This, not as the world may think;
‘Tis something far more lowly
Completion ever on the brink
although the Way winds slowly

The Sacred Ordinary sings
of High Eternal Pleasure
As every humble moment brings
fulfillment beyond measure

All to come is in this Kiss
of morning’s golden glory
In praise to You for All of This
I’ll ever tell the Story

Of You, the One with Love enough
to Breathe All into Being
And to pour out All That You Are~
Your Fullness, for our freeing.

~Cheryl Anne
a morning heartsong

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