Longest Day

Through thickening cloud
One cogent shaft
Of gold cuts through
I feel Your Power
On this Solstice Day

I am reminded of
Light’s profound tenacity
And determined destiny
To help us find The Way

You, Beloved,
Are the Light
Breaking Through
The dimness
Of my mind

You Are
The clear and crystal tone
Sounding in the silence;
My music, my meter,
My home, my rhyme

You Are
The single supple flower
In a dry and barren field
Whose Beauty
Is enough to satisfy

You Are Oasis
You Are Shower
Your Are Moist Mystery
You Are Every Tear I’ll taste until I die

So though dark clouds
May block and mock
Their short-lived victory
is but a mere delay

The Earth~She knows
The Sun will come
And Love will reign
That Final Longest Day.

~Cheryl Anne
summer solstice

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