“With You”

With a most gracious power
The rains arrive
The sound, the scent,
The sweet shift
Of energy in the atmosphere ~

And I am flooded
With awe and love

It is deeply elemental
And yet far beyond
Sensory and supersensible
On Earth as it is in Heaven

This day the rains
Are Your shimmering robes~
A soft mantle that not only
Protects, comforts, and heals
But also cleanses, quenches,
And initiates the earth
With a nourishing tenderness~

A bunting, a baptism, the blessing of
A seemingly simple summer shower

But therein lies Your Power
The delicacy of Your Presence
The humility of a raindrop
A tear upon the Mother’s Dear Face
The symphony of sorrows and joys
Celebrated equally as gifts of existence
Both human and divine

And in my heart this day
Cocooned in the obscurity
Of a quiet, ordinary life
Two words echo through my soul~

“With You”.

“Hail Mary, full of grace
The Lord is With You…”

And With You I pray
For the healing, the transformation,
And the redemption of the earth
And all of God’s children

This is the work of Love
This is the vocation of rain.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of Our Lady, Mother of the Church

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