The Gentle Place

I thank You
Beloved Divine Presence
For being this day’s
Soft Companioning of Cloud
And Steadfast Friendship
Of the Trees which line this winding road

What comfort it is
For me to know
That You Are
Always To Be Found

Never Far
You Are
The Holy Ground
Ever beneath my straying feet

So Great as to
Create All Things
So Humble as to meet
One so small as I

With my canticles and cares
With all my pacing prayers

When I settle down
I always find You there

In the Silent
In the Still

In relinquishing my will
To the higher goals of Perfect Love

And when I am set to stumble
You do not forget me or leave me to fall
But call me onward toward Home
Through the Kind Correctives of Your Grace

You lead me to
The Gentle Place
Of Ultimate Belonging.

Thanks Be To You, O God.

~Cheryl Anne

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