Her Authentic Face

Living Christ,
please strip away
the violent veneer.
Reveal the Sure
and Sacred Heart;
the Intimate Intention
of Incarnation
which rests always
beneath the furious facade of fear.

Living Christ,
press through,
draw near
to all who search
with Deeper Sight;
for Hidden Realms
of Heavenly Light
right Here and Now
upon our Grieving Earth.

Restore, O Christ,
She and Our Selves,
in remembrance of
Our essential worth
and in the Truth
of God’s Unfailing Grace.

Living Christ,
strip away
all greed and gain,
and the grief and pain
our lesser thoughts so recklessly create.
Bring about Earth’s Healing Hour
that every human heart might flower forth
in the Power and Glory of Her Authentic Face.

~Cheryl Anne

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