The Table of Unfathomable Grace

Your Love is rearranging me,
healing me, changing me;
recreating me according to
Your Highest Vision and Dream.

From the Beginning
You have known and seen
through my protective pretense, clear
to who You so graciously made me to be.

Your Love is stripping me,
Truth is gripping me;
all that is false…
fast slipping away.

You have called my heart,
set me apart from the busyness
and baubles that can in no way ever
satisfy the longings of the soul.

You are gathering my shattered pieces,
blowing away the dust of shame,
and in Your Name, redeeming me,
renewing me; making me whole.

You welcome me
deep into the Shelter of Belonging
and feed me generously and joyfully
at the Table of Unfathomable Grace.

I look upon Love’s Holy Face
and with grateful tears
take my place within
the Sure and Sacred Heart.

Your Love is rearranging me.
Thanks Be To God.

~Cheryl Anne

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