You and All Things

Do not think Me
distant and cold.
I Am the Warm One
beside you in soft summer grass.

Do not think Me
hard as marble
or breakable as glass.
I Am Breath.
I Am Blood.
I Am Deep Well of Presence.

Find in Me
your cleansing.
Find in Me
your refreshing.
Find in Me
your life, your flow, your peace;
your joy, your song, your sweet release.

Do not think Me
any law but Love;

Love Overshadowing.
Love Enlightening.
Love Encircling.
Love Indwelling.

Love, the Ground
and Growth of All Being.

I Am
The Love,
The Lover,
The Beloved.

I Am the ecstatic
swelling of your soul;
Divinity spilling,
the human heart thrilling,
the human mind knowing.

I Am moist earth’s
turning and tilling.

I Am the Hope.
I Am the Healing.

I Am You
and All Things
Made Whole.

~Cheryl Anne

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