Into The Beautiful

Your Heart calls me
Into The Beautiful;
the unspoilt outer places
and inner spaces; remnants
of Your Original Vision of Love;

Beauty beyond vanity,
Grace beyond greed;
the Place that feeds the soul,
calibrates the spirit,
heals and holds the body,
calms the fragile frantic mind.

In The Beauty we may find
our way back Home
to the Greater Heart,
and be reminded that
we are whole, and part
of Something Wonderful.

Most Beautiful One,
help us to see,
deep and high and clear,
past all pettiness and fear
into Your Perfect Purpose
in Life and Love.

Help us to re-member
Who We Are; to reassemble
the Body of Light, to rededicate
and set right all that is amiss
in this weary, weeping world.

Let Your Banner of Love
be unfurled for All to see,
and Your call to the Banquet
resound for All to hear!

May All that is Truly Beautiful
announce Love’s Lasting Reign;
in Pleasantness and Peace,
pray, let That Day draw near.

~Cheryl Anne

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