A Prayer for Peace

Holy One,
Whose Ultimate Name is LOVE,
my heart is grieved today
as Your children; Sisters and Brothers All,
continue to war against each other
and kill for the sake of the lesser names
by which they know and call You.

I pray for all misguided souls
who cause harm where You will healing,
who cause panic where You will peace,
who cause despair where You will delight.

I pray for all innocent souls
who live in fear where You will freedom,
who live in grief where You will grace,
who live in pain where You will promise.

Hear my cry, O Holy One!
Earth is in need of Your Light and Mercy;
in need of Your Comfort and Guidance.

How long will we be lost to false power’s pettiness and greed?
How many must suffer and die for the lie of division?

Gather, O Wondrous Wisdom and Word of LOVE;
Gather those who hear Your Heartbeat,
who know that Your Voice reverberates beyond all human language,
who know the Reality of Your Power lies far beyond
the bounds of culture, politics, and religion.

Gather those with impulse to pray
and humility to heed the call to Unconditional Love;
those willing to walk in repentance and reparation
for the collective atrocities committed in the name of “god”.

I give myself to Presence and Prayer.
I give myself to Light and LOVE.
I give myself in service to the Holy One
Who wills the children of Earth to be Wholly One,
in Perpetual Peace, and in the Only True Power;
the Peace and Power of the Ultimate and Unfailing LOVE
from Whom we have come, and to Whom we shall return.

“Let there be Peace on Earth,
and let it begin with me.”

For all the troubled people and places in the world,
I pray…

~Cheryl Anne

6 thoughts on “A Prayer for Peace

      1. I have listened, and was brought to tears. It is truly an honor to serve with you; to hear my prayer carried forth from your dear heart. God continue to bless your life and ministry. ❤

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