More Satisfied

In a world
that is vain and violent
You have promised
that those who seek You
will find You

Oh, Beloved
let it be so
that more
and more hearts
would long for
Your Tenderness
and learn to create Peace

That in surrendering
to our blessed smallness
we might understand
the greatness of
Your Mercy and Love

And in encountering
Your Beauty
each seeker
might be
more satisfied
with You
than with any
passing delusion
of perfection
or illusion
of power.

~Cheryl Anne 

4 thoughts on “More Satisfied

  1. Learn to create peace ❤️❤️

    Memorial Day has become more and more difficult as I watch the world, its leaders, and our nation… so many have died for essentially a Rich Man’s war in the words of a songwriter friend of mine…


    1. He will settle disputes among the nations
      and provide arbitration for many peoples.
      They will turn their swords into plows
      and their spears into pruning knives.
      Nations will not take up the sword against other nations,
      and they will never again train for war. ~ May it be so. Peace to you, Gentle Padre. ❤

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