As Your Own

You sustain me,
O God, through
the Angels of
the Elements;
through the Clergy
of Creatures, faithful
in their given nature;
through the blessed birds,
who keep the Hours
in their fragile bones;
who intone Your praise
with the purity of simple being.

You grow me,
O God, through
the lives and loves
of Saints, seen and unseen;
Poets, Priests, Prophets,
who know Your Kiss of Fire
and mediate Your Mystery
in easy smiles and penetrating glances;
Whose eyes ares lamps lit;
Whose hearts are bread broken;
Whose words are wine poured.

You bless me,
O God, through
Your Generosity;
through the Gift of Fragility,
which fosters earthly dependence
where Love is grown;
through Your Kiss of Fire;
the Divine Transcendence
Where I am Known
As I Am;
As Your Own.

Cheryl Anne

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