Through To Heaven

God of Resurrection
and Restoration,
please help us
always to see
through to Heaven,
no matter how bleak,
murky, or blatantly evil
things may appear on earth.

Give us vision to perceive
Your Overarching Light.
As the boldness and clarity
of today’s blue sky,
so is the boldness
and clarity of Your Love,
Which will ultimately
set all things right.

We thank You today,
Bright and Benevolent;
Infinitely Patient One,
for everything on earth
that is indeed of You~
The love of family,
friend, and stranger.
Smiles to share, hands to hold,
arms to support and embrace,
words to encourage and comfort.

We thank You for
spring’s hopeful greening,
the color and fragrance of flowers,
the creatures who live their lives
in the wisdom of utter dependence upon You;
too busy singing and scurrying
to be worrying about their worth.
They are simply here, and know by that,
You have declared their blessed necessity
in beautifying the earth and fulfilling Your Dream.

God of our slow awakening,
please help focus and fine tune our hearts
to see as You See, and love as You Love.
Deliver us from all corruption, falseness, and fear;
all that divides and deceives and distorts.
Make crystal clear to us what is True,
and show us what we must do, that we may
contribute to the bringing and building
of Your Realm of Justice, Peace, and Unfailing Love.


~Cheryl Anne

One thought on “Through To Heaven

  1. May we carry this vision today and every day… Your Realm of Justice, Peace, and Unfailing Love.

    As I pray each Sunday as we receive the offering: take us and take our gifts which are a trust from you, Lord… and help us to build your Kin-dom here on earth as it is in heaven… a Kin-dom of Love, Justice, Mercy, and Peace ❤️❤️


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