Psalm of Uncertainty

The road behind me
has washed away
in a torrent of hopeful tears.

The road before me,
today a vaporous mystery,
awaits a construction of faith.

On this tiny speck
of solid ground which bears Your Name,
I stand and call to You…

I am relying upon
Your Grace to be greater
than my sorrow and bitterness.

I am relying upon
Your strength to carry me
when I feel weary and worn.

I am relying upon
Your Wisdom to guide me
into tomorrow’s unknown country.

I am relying upon
Your LOVE to lift and lead,
to surround and saturate.

*”I determine amidst all uncertainty always to trust.
I choose to live beyond regret,
and let You recreate my life.”

I trust in You alone
to provide and protect,
to hold and heal,
to inspire and indwell
all the days of my life.

My vow is to You, O Gracious One,
for You have been with me always,
no matter the adversity.

In my loneliest hours,
You are there.
In my darkest moments,
You are the Light of Hope.

You are the Perfect Love
Who casts out all fear.
The tiny speck of solid ground
beneath my feet, supporting,
and never letting me fall.

From the womb
I have known Your Grace,
and my gratitude has been ever present.

You are with me
in my hour of uncertainty,
as I choose the materials
with which to build the road before me.

Help me to choose wisely
and with great love.

May my steps be pleasing to You,
and worthy of the Grace
You shower upon me.

My Heart.
My Home.
My Health.
My Hope.
My Heaven.
My All.
You Are.

And I am Yours.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of Saint Brendan, the Navigator
(*verse attributed to St. Brendan)

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