who will meet me here

who will meet me here
in the stillness of this moment
whose hand will hush
the clattering and chattering
of hurts and fears
the chains of years past
and yearnings of tomorrow

whose embrace
will melt and chase
once and for all
far and away
the sentinels of
my soul’s sorrow

oh sweetest silence
you are the room wherein
my truest love is met
a room with no room
for regret
a room with bountiful banquet set

the warm home
where God’s Family gathers
round a round and welcoming table

where every pain
which might remain
is exposed as mere
enlightening fable

and it is here
within, above
uncertainty and circumstance
here I meet my truest love
in peaceful sleep
in gentle dance

it is here I meet
the Mother’s eyes
full of compassion
and surprise
that I have yet to realize
the fullness of this love

always in the stillness waiting
faithful, free, and unabating
silence; pure and penetrating

love will meet me here.

~Cheryl Anne

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