Our Lady of the Ancient Oak

It is not coincidence
You appeared
at the site of
an Ancient Oak

You~ Glorious Feminine
imposing Your Presence
upon so sacred
and masculine a symbol

To bring about Balance
and Healing, and the Union
of Heaven and Earth
Masculine and Feminine
Time and Eternity

With Highest Maternity
You carry, birth, embrace,
and nurture us

With Sweetest Sisterhood
You companion us
through life’s joys and sorrows

With Deepest Friendship
You walk with us
and surprise us
Reflecting the best in us
and challenging us to grow

With Unspeakable Beauty
You bestow Bridal Blessing
upon the Earth and Every Soul

With You, Fullest and Fairest,
is the Christ; the Consummation
that loves us whole.

~Cheryl Anne
Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

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