The Sacrament of Morning Dew

Dew of the Morning,
Fair Lady of May;
You are the beauty,
the warmth, and the play
of this Sacred Season;
of Joy and Passion,
beyond reason;
of Love that rises
new from dying;
Silence that gives way
to sighing, and births
the green; long underlying
winter’s cold and barren ground.

Roots and shoots have
now found favor;
summer fruits
we soon will savor,
and blissful kisses
find new flavor
by Life and Love’s
Insistent Power,
sparking seeds
full into flower!

Most Glorious Lady,
in this May Hour,
I lift my heart and face to You,
and feel Your Gifts
of Grace pour through
this Sacrament of
sweetest morning dew.

~Cheryl Anne
a May morning song of praise

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