The Narrow Way
is the Wideness of God’s Mercy

A Love so broad and free
many miss it for Its too obvious embrace

How tragically we duck and dodge
the sweet simplicity of grace

Making lesser gods
of intellect and reason

Committing treason against
the Sacred Heart of All That Is

Through unyielding
doctrine and dogma

To do justice, to love mercy, to walk humbly
This, the testament of old

To love one another as we are loved
This, the testament of the One Who Is Love

All the goodness we receive and give
The only power by which we live

The Great Spirit
This Encompassing Love

Who smiles and shrugs
at our smug certainties

Who is Mother, Father, Sister, Brother,
Friend and Lover, Child of us all

The Narrow Way
is the Wideness of God’s Mercy

We find the Way, who are willing
to be loving, light, and small.


Showers of Mercy
fall softly in my heart,
cleansing and bathing all my wounds,
and the fears and failings that flow from them.

Your Tenderness soothes me.
Your Love washes me clean.

The continuous kindness
of Your Sacred Heart
pours Compassion into the world
like warm spring rain;
bringing renewal and growth
to those who heed the call
to come and drink.

O Sweet Flood of Forgiveness!

Thanks be to God
I am not left parched
and broken in my weakness,
but am refreshed and restored
by the Living Water offered
from the Dear Hands
of Yeshua, my Lord.


If You knew
the Tenderness
of My Touch,
You would not
withhold Your heart
from My Ultimate Healing.

You would not
wait until
Your final breath
to let it all go
and welcome death.
You would know, My Child,
the time to die is now;
long before You die~

To fall softly
into the Arms of Love;
ever aching and waiting
to hold You once again
and to enfold You
in Primal, Pre-Existent Peace~

To kiss You
with Compassion
and Light’s Sweet Release.

Oh! If You knew
the Tenderness
of My Touch~
if You could
quiet Your mind
long enough, still enough
to find the Shore
of Your Eternal Soul,
swept with the Swell of My Grace,

You would turn
Your Face toward Me now,
in This Moment,
radiant with a smile
fed by tears,
relinquishing fears
cast out by Perfect Love.

You would know
You Are Enough,
and would raise
Your hands to the skies,
enraptured by the Wild Surprise
of falling upward into
the Gentle Stream of Light
which defies every dark thought
that clouds Your mind~

And You would find,
gazing upon
Your smaller self
from On High,
through My Own
Ancient Eyes of Mercy,
that You Are No Less Beautiful
than the Glory of Creation,
and No Less Beloved
than The One sent in My Name.

So, come…
taste my Tenderness
and carry the Flame
of My Love
in Your own fragile heart,
of which I AM the Center;
and remember…
that of Mine, You Are
a Vital and Precious Part.

~Cheryl Anne


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