I Love You
I find You,
and I find You
in the silky
morning air;
on the wing
of every bird,
singing sweet,
without a care;
in their song
Your Voice is heard.

I find You
in leaves’
green unfurling;
branches swaying,
seeds’ soft twirling through
skies of Lady’s Mantle blue;
in Her Beauty I find You.

I find You
in fields’
fragrant flowering;
vines climbing toward
fierce storm clouds towering;
lightning’s flash and
fearsome thundering;
in my own soul’s winsome
wondering how such a gentle
Love to woo me could hold
the Power to fast undo me
and keep me wandering
restless in the Wild~

Where I am
Lover, Mother,
Sister, Child…

And You are
Master of my heart;
my Love, my Lord;
so strong, so mild.

I Love You
I find You,
and I find You
my Belonging
Always There;

In the darkest starry quiet;
in celestial sunburst’s riot;
in all balance and extreme;

In Every Moment
of This Dream…

I Find You.
I Love You.


~Cheryl Anne
a morning song for my Most Beloved 

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