You are the oil in the lamp
You are the air, You are the flame
You are the Name beyond all naming
You are here and now
There and Then
You are every where and when
Closer than the closest friend
Pure Presence and Pulse of Life
Eternal Essence and Ecstasy of Love
Beneath and gathered at all sides
Deep within and high above
All That Is is You Alone
The breath, the beat of every heart
The life of every flower grown
The light of sun and every star
You are the wave
You are the sea
You are this longing within me
You are the voice I lift in song
In You I live, breathe, and belong
You are the lover’s tender kiss
You are the beauteous balm of bliss
You are Compassion’s salted tears
You douse the fires of our fears
Yours is the hand I hold in mine
You are this hand that is my own
All this by Passion’s Grand Design
All intertwined is You Alone.

~Cheryl Anne

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