Gather the Children of Earth

Beautiful Blessed Mother,
Lady of Springtime Graces;
You touch the world
With the warmth
And beauty of
Your Tender Love.

You hold us all
In the Womb
Of Your Compassion;

And enfold us
In Your Mantle
Of Healing and Peace.

You heal us
With Your
Exquisite Softness
And empower us
With Your
Steadfast Strength.

Every bud trembling
At the verge of Life
Sings Your praise!

Every newborn
Burst of color
Speaks Your Lovely Name!

Every fledgling
Trying her fragile wings
Does so with perfect trust
In Your watchful care.

Each tiny seed
Upon the air
Knows that You
Will guide it to
Its rightful Home;

As You will
Do also for
Every Little One
You call Your Own.

Beautiful Blessed Mother,
Lead us to the Source
Of All Love and Beauty;
To the Passionate,
Throbbing Sacred Heart
And Center of All That Is.

Gather the Children of Earth
To Your Bountiful Breast~
So that we may taste of
Your Wisdom and enter
Your Rest.

~Cheryl Anne

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