Both Sides of the Sun

Whichever Side
of the Sun
we are on,
we are held
in the Same Love.

The Living Light
shines in This
and All Worlds.
Divinity courses
through All That Is.

The Holy Gaze
is turned upon
All That Lives.
The Holy Name
is sung through
All Creation.
The Sacred Heart
is the Rhythm
to Which Existence
Itself is set.

and Spirit~
we cannot resist
this Primordial Pulse
and Poetic Hum…

Such Brilliant Wonder
we’ve come from!
The Sky in our lungs!
The Sea in our blood!
The Earth in our flesh!

Made for mansion and mud,
to dart and dance between
Realms too marvelous to fathom,
if not for the million miracles
already before our eyes,
and the Gift of Ignited Moments
Wherein we may imagine and realize

the Scope of
This Great Story;
that we are loved
and made for glory
on Both Sides of the Sun.

~Cheryl Anne

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