King of my Quivering Heart

My Beloved rides
not a noble steed
through the city gates
Along the road
in all my need
my quivering heart
it waits

He humbly rides
devoid of pride
sweet smile
upon His Face
And from His Love
I cannot hide
Beside Him is my place

He waves and blesses
as He moves
slowly down the road
Palm branch held high
I softly cry
God’s grace has overflowed

Through darkest days
and cowardly ways
My soul holds fast
His Light
And from His Love
I shall not stray
Still with Him
through the night

As He goes past
the crowd is vast
They raise a hero’s song
I bow my head
silent instead
for all the world’s wrong

For now they sing
and hail Him King
but soon they’ll all depart
But Forever He is
my Everything
King of my quivering heart.

~Cheryl Anne, Palm Sunday

Image: The Palm Leaf
by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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