safe and dear

Beloved Yeshua,
With the fragments of my broken heart, I pray; please keep me open to the movement of Your Love, and the flow of Your Light. I so easily and often seek to retreat and hide deep within myself; drawing the curtains and locking the doors for fear of any who might peer in and discover the extent of my dust and disorder. But in truth, I do not wish to close myself off, but to welcome and to bless with the bits of bread I have gathered from beneath Your Table of Grace; for You always offer more than I can hold, and my hands are prone to trembling. My Lord, if You were able to feed thousands with a few loaves and fishes; surely You can feed at least a few souls with my crumbs and bare bones.

I need Your healing, help, and encouragement, Beloved Yeshua. Your Strong Arm around me; Your Gentle Word whispered in my ear; that in both my hiding and my seeking; You are the Home that holds me, safe and dear.

With all my heart, I thank You, and I love You.
~Cheryl Anne

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