Your Original Dream

Here, on the shore of Soul,
where You meet and bless me,
there is a Deep Stillness
in the midst of all this
lively elemental motion.

Birds, breezes, and breaking waves;
yet somehow also Silence.
For there is a difference
between Nature’s Sounds
and the world’s noise;
and the difference is
even more pronounced
in this place, just beyond
the shining sheath of Spirit,
where the only energies felt
are those of the New Earth to come,
and yet already Here, though hidden.

O Maker and Caretaker
of this Clear Space; this Sphere
of subtle symphony and calm color.
How I love You, and all Your handiwork!
How blessed I am to be part of Your Artistic Vision
and Infinite, Intimate Completion!

That I may inwardly, through Your Grace,
visit the soft sands and healing waters
of this most Happy, Holy Place;
is a blessing too great for
any human comprehension or expression;
but still I must try to convey my awe and thanks.

On the Very Banks of Heaven
I glimpse not only the Greater Reality,
superseding, and ultimately relieving,
all our sadness, selfishness, and pain,
but I also feel a delicate echo
of the Truth of who I am in You;
how You so generously
dreamed and kindly created me;
a gift sometimes hard to see
through the fallen world’s darkness and density.

Oh please, Life and Light Eternal,
let me not lose sight of the immensity
of Your Love and Beauty;
the Power and Potency of Your Healing,
and the Wondrous Story
of the Full and Final
Restoration of All Things
to the gentle glory of Your Original Dream.

~Cheryl Anne

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