I lift my heart to You;
saturated as it is
with names, faces,
and lives I so dearly love;
and I know that You see
all its activity; all the swirling.

I know You care for
every person, every circumstance;
that with one quick glance
You know the depths of my heart altogether,
and that You tend to every need and concern;
that You touch those I see and speak with daily,
and also those not seen or heard from nearly enough;
or ever.

I believe You gather up my love
and send it where it is most needed;
that it wraps gently round those
needing comfort and encouragement;
that You turn it to warmth for healing,
water for thirst; light for those caught
in dark moments.

Keep my heart soft
and pliable, I pray;
material You can work with
for the good of those I love,
and those whom they love;
that hope, healing, and peace
may spread and grow exponentially
till every heart, every life, is full
and flowing with the Goodness
that is the Origin and Destiny of All.

~Cheryl Anne

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