Everything, and More

Of all Your glorious gifts,
O Highest Heart,
containing all hearts;
O Deepest Love,
containing all loves;
O Fullest Life,
creating, containing,
sustaining all life;
this morning feels
highest, deepest,
fullest of all,
precisely because
it is like all other mornings.
The birds sing their songs
of newness and hope;
their sweet praises to the Light.
The breeze gentles the leaves awake.
“Though you must face the day,” she says,
“my touch will be here to companion you.”
I awoke praying,
as I always do;
my heart and soul
ever full of the wonder
of knowing You; the One
Who contains the Multitude
of All that I Love.
And so today I reaffirm
and renew the gifts and graces
You have seeded in me.
I lift my face to Your Sun,
and drink the Holy Water
of Your Refreshing Rains;
that You will grow me and green me,
for I desire Your Life!
In that desire,
I see You Everywhere,
and feel You always,
within and all around me.
I hear Your Voice in my soul
and in Earth’s Great Song.
I am humbled and amazed
in knowing I belong
to You, with You,
in the Great Family of Love,
and I belong to this Earth
for so long as You animate
my clay, by Power of
Your Most Gracious Spirit,
until I lay it down quietly
in gratitude and soft grasses,
and my spirit flies toward Beauty
Which surpasses all I have known;
the Home I will recognize,
for You are The Door.
You have been my Everything.
You will be my More.

~Cheryl Anne

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