Everything is used for your healing. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is lost. What is painful becomes your cure. What is broken becomes stronger when mended in Love. What is confusing will be the clarity by which you make peace with your life.

Your strongest sense will arise out of what seems senseless, if you will stop wrestling with it, and will instead bless it, give it last rites, and let it gently die.

Your pain is a Gift, if you will allow it its natural trajectory and stop choking it back. Feel it fully. Release it. Hold it tenderly in your hands. Look at it with Love.  Listen to it carefully and compassionately. Let it tell you what it needs and what it came to teach you.

Pour some tea and be willing to sit with it a while. Then, do not discard it. Do not put it in the trash heap. It is not trash, but the makings of treasure. And My Love is the Power of its transformation. My Love is the fruit of your courage in owning your pain and entering the eye of your own inner hurricane.

You are brave to take hold of your life!

You are braver entrusting it to Me!

You are the ultimate adventurer in setting out in search of your True Being in God; leaving behind the familiar territory of past patterns to face the obstacles and monsters on the path to Alignment and Agreement with My First and Final Thought of You…


~Cheryl Anne

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