Out of Nowhere

Out of Nowhere, it seems,
Your Joy breaks through
like beams of morning sun
from the Dark of Night.

So much that’s obviously
wrong in myself and the world,
Your Love makes right,
through subtleties spoken
in the soul; where what is broken
can see through its own cracks.
Your Goodness; the Greater Reality
of what is whole and mended;
Worlds Within and Without, befriended
by Love Unfailing and Light Unceasing.

Hope and Healing are increasing
beneath the sad, sick surface
of self and society, marred by sin.
For Your Joy, Out of Nowhere,
in Truth comes from Within.
The Depth of Spirit, gently glowing
in Love and Power; and in our tired hearts
a hidden Knowing of the Most Joyful Hour, soon to come.

~Cheryl Anne

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