Beyond Imagining

If you let
life open you;
your vulnerability
and pain to become
Portals of Presence;
you will feel Me
in your soul,
and you will know
the limits of the intellect
and the peace of
a love-softened ego.

You will glimpse
inner worlds
more majestic
than mere imagining;
and you will see
the outer world
with new eyes,
and will realize beauty
lies at the core of All.

The plainest,
the weakest,
the vilest;
the beings
most twisted
by misperception;
the manglers
and the mangled;
within each, the seed
of beauty is carried.
No matter how deeply
it has been buried;
it is there,
and it is what I see.

It is how
I recognize
what belongs to me.

And I promise,
in due time,
each seed will grow,
and all will see
and all will know

Beautiful Love,
Beyond Imagining.

~Cheryl Anne

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