In Perfect Peace To Stay

You invited me
into the Peace
of Your Beautiful Heart

And There
I found
such serenity

A Stillness
beyond description
A pale pink Radiance
so soft and healing
as to gently melt away
all fear, concern, and pain

Your Rose Heart
is Creation’s Most Exquisite Place
The Epitome of Grace; the Birthplace
of the Most Powerful Yes ever uttered

You brought forth the Totality of Love
only to take Him back into Your Heart~

The Second Yes
Where You invite us
in Perfect Peace
to stay.

~Cheryl Anne
On the Convergence of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the Second Sunday in Advent.

Still Embrace of Advent

Still Embrace of Advent,
You greet us with
the Promise of Hope;
one candle lit in determination;
the early throes of expectation
that Goodness will be born again
amidst the darkness and discouragements
of our lives and world;
The Banner of Celestial Light unfurled
that we might dare believe
and Your Gift of Hope receive.

~Cheryl Anne
First Sunday of Advent

Another Beginning

O Beginning of Beginnings
All my life I have known You
And yet I know nothing

In this magnitude of
Love and Wonder
The tip of my tongue
Has barely tasted Your Sweetness
Hardly begun to sing Your praise

Your greatest gifts
Shine in the starting over
The Alpha Point
On the turning wheel
Of Season; of Life

These humble hastening slices
Of limited perception
Thinly iced with
What our senses can apprehend
Of a Creation that knows no end

Layer upon layer
Well beneath well
Depth and height
And breadth beyond imagining
Brimming with Beauty
Pulsating with Presence
Utterly alive
Yet reverently still

And You~
The Center
All Powerful
All Healing
All Shy


Thank You for Another Beginning.

~Cheryl Anne
Eve of Advent

Three Breaths

Three Breaths,
Three Gates,
Deeper, Deeper, Deeper
Into The Heart;
The Sacred Grove
Set Apart
From all figuring,
fretting, and fear.
O, My Soul,
I Meet You Here.

Three Breaths,
Three Strands,
Sweeter, Sweeter, Sweeter
Into Your Hands;
All Things in Trust
Therein laid.
Christ, my Shepherd,
I shan’t be afraid;
Bound by This
Red Thread You braid.

~Cheryl Anne
a Song of Contemplation

In Love’s Way

Today I will breathe deeply
and fully inhabit each moment.

Today I will let go of my perception
of all that lies behind
and my projection of all that lies ahead;
placing every day and every aspect
of my small life in the Lap of Grace.

Today I will practice audacious faith,
flying in the face of all sensibility~
the sort of faith which hears the Voices of Heaven
and sees the LOVE animating All Life.

Faith that rallies again and again
and ceaselessly sings the Holy Name.

For gifts and graces I have yet to fully access.

For Love which is holding
and Life still unfolding.

For abundant Mercy, and Peace
which passes all understanding.

For Beauty, Wonder, and Mystery,
and the sweet senses to recognize and receive.

For All that dwells Above, Below, Around, and Within.

For the music in my heart
and the poems in my blood.

For every precious part~
Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit,
and the Love Which makes me whole…

I am truly grateful and blessed.

Continue to lead me, Blessed Spirit,
I pray; on Paths of Peace
and in Love’s Way.


~Cheryl Anne
a prayer of personal Thanksgiving and Devotion

I Know You By Heart

I Know You By Heart;
The Love Who leads,
and satisfies beyond my needs;
making the Essential small,
and smaller still; till You Are All
and Alone fulfill
every empty part of me,
and then so warm and tenderly
pressing gently to replace
each resistant, occupied space
with Your Gathered Golden Light
to set all lesser gods to flight;
Your Pure Presence Alone remaining;
the chalice of my soul containing
only the Sweetness of Your Wine;
I am fed with the Bread
that makes You mine,
and of the Great Family of Love a part.
What a Wonder that I Know You By Heart.

~Cheryl Anne

Beloved Christ, My King

That I may
Celebrate You
Beloved Christ
My King
O Son of Man
O Lord of Love
O Light of Everything

To You I lift
My heart and soul
For You with Joy I sing
My Love, my Lord
My Heart, my Hope
Beloved Christ
My King

That I may
Contemplate You
And take You as my Own
My soul to bow
My Heaven now
My lowly heart
Your Throne 

My love for You
All that I am I bring
Entrusting All
I heed Your Call
Beloved Christ
My King. 

~Cheryl Anne
Christ the King Sunday